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"Best of the set is Tadamori Yagi’s delightful turn as a young Silver-Laker who frets over the fact that no one in self-absorbed Hell-A checks in on him after a calamity occurs in his apartment building."


               - Paul Birchall, Stage Raw/L.A. Weekly

"When Tad enters the room, he has something different- something unique. He can bring his personality into the character and make it real. Tad brought us so many things we had not been able to find from the script. That’s what we are finding- someone who can make the character three dimensional. So after the audition, we didn’t discuss anything about this role. We all knew Tad is the best choice."


               - Director/Filmmaker Yuta Okamura,

Asians On Film/

EPR Entertainment News

"Excellent Actor!"

- Denise Chamian, Casting Director (Saving Private Ryan, The Man in the High Castle, 47 Ronin)

Reviews and Testimonials

"You're Goood!!!"

- Danierlle Aufiero, Casting

Director(Awkward, Battle Creek)

“I’ve known Tad for a long time. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. One of those people who you just want around all the time because they make life fun and remind you what this crazy journey is really all about. Incredibly selfless, Tad is always there when you need a helping hand. Tad is a class act and has integrity in everything that he does.


As an actor, we haven’t even seen anything close to his potential yet. Directors love him and he’s an actor’s actor. There is no ego with Tad, it’s all just professionalism with him. Always striving to find the real soul of the character. Tad really digs inside of himself to bring everything he can to every role he plays. There is no one like Tad. I continue to look forward to collaborating with him and seeing how high his “Star” will rise.”


      - Christopher Liebe, Instructor at Playhouse West Acting School

“A very smart and creative actor, with a keen insight as to the analysis and meaning of plays. Tad has the tools to succeed in this business in whatever area he wishes to pursue.”


- Tony Savant, Artistic Director/Head of Playhouse West School of Acting and Reparatory Theater Company Philadelphia


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