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Loosely Exactly Nicole                  Co-star          Steve Pink - MTV

Parenthood                                 Co-star         Lawrence  Trilling - Universal Television

Shake It Up!                                Co-star          Joel Zwick - Disney Channel Original Prods.

Southland                                   Co-star          J. Michael Muro - Warner Bros. Television



Various National Television.  List Available Upon Request.

Training & Workshops

Playhouse West - Jeff Goldblum, Jim Parrack, Mark Pelegrino, Tony Savant, Wolfgang Bodison, Holly Gagnier et al... 

C.O.W Improv/Clowning Workshop - Chad Damiani

Monkey Butler Improv - Nathan Davis

East West Players Summer Intensive - Various

Berkeley Reperatory School of Theatre - Lura Dolas

American Conservatory Theatre Summer Training Congress - Various

Bay Area Theatre Sports - Rafe Chase

UC Berkeley Acting Department

Film and Video

Waking Up*                                  Lead              Yuta Okamura - USC Film School

Reunion **                                   Lead              Jason Wong - USC Film School

Little Iron Men                              Lead              Jesse Kobayashi - Emissary Pictures

Roomies                                      Lead              Jeremy Woodland - Revolving Doors

Stalled                                         Lead              Jade Luber - Inner City Film Makers

Delivered                                     Supporting    Michael Madison - Nelson Madison Films

The Dedd Brothers                        Supporting    Dustin Schuetter - Dark Horse Productions


* Winner: Best Actor Asians on Film Festival(Spring 2012)

** Winner: WILDsound Film Festival Best Performance(July 2012)

Death of a Salesman                      Lead (Biff)                      M. Miraula - Japanese American National Museum

Catsby Improv Nights Bits               Ensemble                      Chad Damiani - Catsby @ The Clubhouse

Travesties                                     Ensemble                      Gregory Boyd - Williamstown Theatre Festival

Landscape of the Body                    Ensemble                     Michael Grier - Williamstown Theatre Festival

An Alphabet                                   Ensemble                     Laura Kuhn - John Cage Foundation

Last Remnants of Cops...                  Lead Ensemble             Tom Cavannaugh - Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014

Helen of Troy                                 Lead (Paris)                  David Finnerty - Berkeley Actor's Ensemble

Achievers                                       Lead (Shingo)              Homer Rabara - Theatre Rice

Dream Like a Dream                        Ensemble                    Lai Sheng-Chuan - U.C. Berkeley Drama Dept. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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