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My name is Tad Yagi. I am an actor based in LA.


Born and raised in Berkeley, CA – I also lived in London, UK and Maplewood, NJ as a kid.  My first acting role was the lead role of Turkey Lurkey in the 2nd grade Thanksgiving Play.  I got the part because instead of going "gobble gobble", in the throes of childhood depression, I made a velociraptor-like screeching noise... It was an instant hit!


Since then I have acted professionally in films, television shows, commercials, and stage plays.  In addition to scripted acting I enjoy performing live sketch and clown comedy with members of the LA comedy and clown communities. 


As an actor, I strive to give each role I play a sense of truth, humanity, emotional depth and freshness while also serving the intentions of both the writer and director.  As a professional and collaborator, I strive to be diligent, attentive, adaptable, and fun to work with.  I am actively seeking opportunities to grow my career and to build collaborative relationships with like-minded artists and professionals in both the US and around the world!

Current Projects 2021: 


During the pandemic I dusted off my guitar and singing skills and now perform original songs and accoustic covers at various live shows around LA. 


A clown trio comprised of Meg Cheng, Zack Reimers, and Tadamori Yagi. Our creative goal is to create raw comedy that pushes boundaries of emotional truth and moverment. We currently perform at various venues and host a show at the variety show CATSBY in Los Angeles every 4th Sunday of the month. 

Zebra. Photographer Miles Roberts

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